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Since 1978, Teritex Sportswear have been exporting their goods around the world. Such products include knitted and printed football / soccer scarves, wristbands, hats, gloves, flags and banners. Teritex regularly supply their products worldwide, from the United Kingdom, to Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Japan and Australasia. Teritex provide the complete custom design service, with design origination, quality manufacturing facilities and prompt supply. We  have many years experience of exporting our goods to a vast range of countries, so are familiar with the varied customs requirements, and organising shipping on behalf of clients.

This web page is designed for our international customers, to give a taste of the Teritex Product range in a number of International languages. If you have any queries or would like a quote , please feel free to contact Teritex and you will receive a prompt reply within a couple of days..


    Teritex Sportwear fabrique des écharpes de football (américain et européen) ainsi que des bonnets tricotés, des gants, des écharpes sur lesquelles sont imprimés des logos, des drapeaux, des fanions, des bracelets en coton, des bandeaux, et des coussins.


    Teritex Sportwear fabrica fajines de fútbol (americano o europeo) así que gorros de punto, guantes, fajines en los cuales logótipos son impresos, banderas, banderines, correas en alogodón, vendas, cojines y jerseyes de cricket.


    Teritex Sportswear produziert Fan-Schals ( Jacquardschals ) genauso wie gestrickte Mützen, Handschuhe,bedruckte Schals und Fahnen, Schweiß und Stirnbänder, Kissen in eigenen Fabrikgebäuden. fanartikel


    Teritex Sportswear manufacture football scarves and soccer scarves, along with knitted hats, gloves, printed scarves, flags, pennants, wristbands, headbands, and cushions.


    Teritex Sportswear confeziona sciarpe per squadre di calcio, ma anche cappelli lavorati a maglia, guanti, sciarpe stampate, bandiere, gagliardetti, polsini, fasce per capelli, cuscini e felpe da cricket.


    Teritex Sportswear: halsduk  halsdukar  stickad halsduk  halsduk med tryck  Mossa  Keps  Vristband


    Teritex Sportswear produce fulare pentru fotbal, precum si caciuli si manusi tricotate, fulare printate,     steaguri, fanioane, mansete,  
    bentite pentru cap si pernute  
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